Meet Cassandra, bringing a new meaning to #fitspo

I conducted an interview recently with Cassandra after reading about her journey and what an incredible journey she has had. Have a read below for some excellent advice, overcoming struggles and seeing the importance of eating right and exercising and the results will blow you away.

FTGR: Thanks for taking the time out of your day to have a chat with us. First things first, tell us a little about yourself and why you got into fitness?

Cassandra: I’m a Darwin born girl, the youngest of 3, I always was quite a sporty girl, I would go swimming 3 days a week, participate in little athletics and play netball. I was still always a bit overweight even being as active as I was. I found that it was a reflection on what I was eating and how much I was consuming. As I got older I stopped all the sports I was doing and fell into a pretty bad relationship where there was absolutely no motivation and we both just ate very poorly in large quantities. My weight wouldn’t stop. I felt as though I was at a great risk of diabetes or heart problems at 147kgs. My back would hurt walking a short distance and this was when I really decided I needed to make a change.

FTGR: Wow, sounds like you have gone through quite a journey there! What would you say has been the biggest motivator for you and have you experienced any hurdles?

Cassandra: My biggest motivator was my family. I could see that they were very concerned with my health to the point that it was almost insulting but I knew they were right. Having to buy clothes in the plus sized section would make me feel incredibly uncomfortable when shopping with me friends knowing full well that I could never fit the clothes. Ladies would understand that one!

The biggest struggle in my journey was the need for structure. In my head I needed to stick to a particular way of eating or working out, it scared me to think that I was putting in all this effort and it was going to be a waste if I didn’t have that structure. So I went to a dietitian who spoke to me about nutrition and understood my need to stick to a plan with some allowances (very rarely). I also got myself a personal trainer to show me what to do at the gym to achieve my goals and wrote out a plan for me.

Cassandra at the beginning of her journey preparing to undertake her amazing transformation.
Cassandra as she stands today feeling confident and happy with her progress.












FTGR: What a great idea seeking out professional industry advice, fitness and healthy wellbeing are difficult and it’s great you were able to get good direction and structure. You mention you see a dietician and personal trainer. When it comes to your nutrition, what’s been the biggest difficulty in terms of eating healthy and what advice would you have for anyone who may be preparing to undertake their own journey in regards to what they eat and sticking to it?

Cassandra: One of the biggest hurdles I’ve had to overcome, which I had discussed with my dietician, was the reason behind why I over ate. I was a big comfort eater, I ate when I was feeling emotional and it made me feel good for a few moments but it never lasted for long so you always went back for that second serve. I think the biggest bit of advice I can give is to figure out your triggers, whether it be comfort eating or boredom eating and to try and break that cycle.

And sometimes seeking professional help is a great thing, my dietician even suggested to see a phycologist to overcome my emotional eating.

FTGR: That is some really great advice there, while we are on the topic of food, what would be a favourite meal for you at the moment?

Cassandra: I absolutely love roast vegetables! It’s super easy and you can experiment with all different types and with different spices! The best part is you can just throw it all together, whack it into the oven and walk away.

FTGR: Can’t go wrong with vegetables. Taking a look at your fitness now, would you say you spend quite a lot of time in the gym? Where do you often find yourself, sweating it up cardio style or lifting heavy in the weights section?

Cassandra: I normally go to the gym at least 4 times a week. I start off with a little bit of cardio and use the weight machines instead of free weights, my PT had said to me that you’ll do yourself more harm then good if you have poor technique. I also do Zumba and Zumba step twice a week to add a bit of fun Cardio into the mix.

FTGR: That’s awesome, good work, I remember watching my parents attempt Zumba many moons ago but that’s another story. What would be your favourite exercise while at the gym?

Cassandra: I love the leg press! It really works out your thighs and glutes! Leg day is the best!

Cassandra out with friends before her transformation.
Cassandra looks and feels like a new person with a different outlook on health, fitness and nutrition.
Cassandra looking like a different person sporting a hump day singlet.












FTGR: Nothing like waddling like a penguin after a good leg press workout. Here is a difficult question for you. Would you rather only seeing a Dietician or only a personal trainer if you had to chose one?

Cassandra: I would 100% say the dietician, she really taught me about food and how to break the relationship I had with it. I’m a lot stronger mentally.

FTGR: Let us talk about playlists. What might one hear from your headphones while you break a sweat?

It’s mostly always 90’s nostalgia. 😂 I pick songs that give me great vibes and memories. Get all those happy feels.

FTGR: Totally feeling that vibe here, nothing like grooving to some Backstreet Boys while you smash out some deadlifts am I right? Finally, if you could offer sage advice to anyone who might be ready to make a change but aren’t sure where to start, what would be a good motivator to get started and where to start for that matter?

Seek help, do your research and experiment with healthy food! It doesn’t have to always be basic and bland. It is hard to make a start but just look towards that end goal no matter how far and tough it may be, just believe in what you are doing and why you’re doing it.

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