Diet, weightloss and inspiration, an interview with Sarah

One of the main goals of this blog and my role within it, is to reach out to the community, to talk to people about their journey no matter where they are. This isn’t just about meeting fitness models, this is about meeting everyday people who have curbed their old habits and made a shift in their life, a reboot into their mindset and have set forth to change their life. This is inspiration and motivation for anyone out there reading, that everyone started somewhere and everyone has different reasons for starting. Hopefully if you’re reading this, you can take something away, whether it’s that inspiration to get started, or maybe that motivation to keep going. Today, I introduce you to Sarah, a beautiful and talented woman who decided her way of life needed to change and now she can’t look back and she couldn’t be happier.

FTGR: First thanks for taking the time to chat. Tell us a little about yourself, what got you into fitness?

Sarah: The story of how I got into fitness is a funny one, because I lost all weight in 2011 (6 years ago), why I wanted to lose all the weight was simple, I was looking at myself in the mirror when I was trying on formal dresses and I turned around and I saw my arse and I saw cottage cheese and that was the moment that I was like ‘I need to lose this f#*^%@g weight‘ and, yeah, I dived straight into it and lost 20KG (44lbs) in a year.

FTGR: Wow that’s crazy. How has your journey to loosing that weight been? What’s been the biggest challenge?

Sarah: The biggest challenge for me was definitely diet. But when I started to see results, it was like, “S#*t“, I was like, “I look good“. Recently I’ve been into heavy, heavy weightlifting for probably 7 – 8 months now and at my heaviest I was 95KG (209lbs) dropped down to 65KG (143lbs) and now I’m 75KG (165lbs)and I’ve packed on 10KG (22lbs) of muscle.

Sarah on the left prior to undertaking her incredible journey. The picture on the right is Sarah currently at a healthy 75KG and absolutley killing it in the gym. Source – Sarah E.

FTGR: Good for you! You mention you are heavily into weightlifting .. What are your two favourite exercises and why?

Sarah: Being the typical girl that I am, my favourite exercises are Deadlifts and Squats, your quads and butt can never be too big!

FTGR: Too right, I love my deadlifts and squats are great for developing the bum of your dreams. What advice do you have for other people who may be looking to get into fitness? Any tips or motivations?

Sarah: My tips for other people would be, get your diet right, find something that suits you. Honestly, the Hollywood fads and diets they don’t work, they don’t do jack s#*t. Get your diet right and everything will come in time because it is 80% diet 20% exercise and that’s the truth. Motivation tips, I find that I am a highly motivated person when it comes to gym so I never really had to be motivated to go [to the gym]. I suppose just get in and do it, that’s my advice. Even if you feel like s#*t, go to the gym because you will feel so much better afterwards. Motivation is all about mindset. Like, I know it helps when you have people there who are around but at the end of the day, and I’m very harsh, but you need to get off your arse and do something about it because if you don’t get out there and do something about it then no amount of help is going to help you. If you really want it, you’ll obtain it.

FTGR: You mentioned diet is super important and it really is. What’s your favourite healthy meal?

Sarah: Chicken! Oh, I eat so much chicken I’ll bloody turn into one someday! I have chicken for lunch and dinner and oh, love chicken, so good.

FTGR: I think someone likes chicken. Here’s one for you, would you rather a lifetime supply of supplements for free or a gym membership to any gym forever free of charge?

Sarah: I would rather a lifetime supply of supplements because oh my fricken god my pre-workout is like 90 dollars and that’s every 3 months and my gym is only like $10.95 a week so definitely supplements and a lifetime supply would be awesome.

FTGR: I hear you! Lastly what are your future goals for your fitness journey?

Sarah: My future goals are to actually become a personal trainer which I’m actually in the process of doing at the moment. I have no plans to compete or anything only for the fact that standing infront of a crowed and being judged on my physique when I have already achieved so much, it just doesn’t sit right with me. But to become a personal trainer and to help people do what I did, to help people down that road in health and fitness because at the end of the day its very important to have. You only get one go at life so why not be healthy?

FTGR: Thanks so much Sarah for taking some time out of your day to have a chat with us. Good luck on your fitness journey and be sure to check in again with us soon.

Sarah: You’re welcome and no worries at all! I’m happy to put through anything that will help other people and thanks for considering me [for the interview].

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